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Movie Synopsis

After 10 years, Justin Besler moves back to his father's house. But it's not as he remembered. His father's house has been renovated to support four apartments with seven residents. And among them... resides a killer.

When the victim of a ritualistic cult turns up on his property, Justin secretly places the tenants under video surveillance. The deeper he digs, the more he puts his own life in danger. It's an ever bending mystery-thriller with an ending to die for!

This exciting, new suspense thriller, by up-and-coming director David Campfield, stars Eric Conley, David Rigg, and from the cult classic Sleepaway Camp, Felissa Rose and Desiree Gould.

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  • "Better than the #1 movie in America..."

  • "A gripping and original thriller."

  • "I've never seen a better written script on a project of this size. Worth watching!"

  • "A quality film... which can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything Hollywood can produce."

  • Dark Chamber

    "****out of ***** A Hitchcock like masterpiece!"

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