The Story

Justin Besler The Besler House Justin, Rick, and Scott
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After ten years, Justin Besler has moved back with his father. But his father's house isn't as Justin remembered. It's been renovated to support three apartments, housing somewhat shady neighbors.

So when the victim of a cult killing turns up on his property, Justin grows increasingly suspicious of his new housemates. That's when Rick, a questionable friend, talks Justin into using pinhole surveillance cameras on the apartment residents. But the deeper Justin and his friends dig, the more they put their own lives in danger.

The Suspects

The Owners

  • Kurt Besler

    Kurt Besler

    A hard edged homicide detective. Cynical, but caring. Renovated his house to support three apartments after losing custody of Justin at his divorce trial. On the trail of a cult named the "Black Circle".

  • Justin Besler

    Justin Besler

    An optimist with a sense of adventure. Morally centered and friendly. Has moved back with his father after ten years, as he pursues his criminal law degree. Aims to follow in his father's footsteps and become a detective.

The Tenants of Apartment #1

  • Heidi Broonen

    Heidi Broonen

    Friendly, outgoing, self-obsessed. Emotionally unbalanced.

  • Sonja Broonen

    Sonja Broonen

    Quiet, awkward, and childlike. Has an unnatural fascination with fire.

The Tenant of Apartment #2

  • Robert Krol

    Robert Krol

    Terminally ill. Does not believe in a higher existence. Spending his final days indulging every sensation.

The Tenants of Apartment #3

  • Vincent Calabrese

    Vincent Calabrese

    Garbage man, aspiring for a grander life. Unpolished, unruly, abusive.

  • Larisa Calabrese

    Larisa Calabrese

    Vincent's wife. First generation American who fled her native country, which persecuted her... or so she says.