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DVD Review: "Under Surveillance" Rating

From Nathan Meyer

The Bottom Line

The son of a police detective leaves his dysfunctional mother to return to his childhood home after 10 years. He finds his old house has been remodeled to accommodate seven very unique tenants. The conflicted and devoutly Christian son meets a pagan prostitute on his first night back and, when she is killed, he is drawn into a mystery tied to a case his father is investigating about ritual cult murders in the area.


  • Directed by Dave Campfield
  • Starring Eric Conley, Felissa Rose, and Mark Love

Guide Review - DVD Review: "Under Surveillance"

Fourth Horizon Cinema shot "Under Surveillance" on a budget of 30,000 dollars. Anyone looking to get wowed by big budget special effects,is going to be disappointed. The same can be said for anyone looking for exceptional performances by the actors - that kind of budget simply doesn't allow for multiple takes.

However it really, really isn't all bad. If the acting isn't stellar, it does get the job done and for the most part is good enough that it doesn't jerk the viewer out of the story. Obviously the budget was tight and it made for a tight film, but in a good sense. There were no wasted shots and each block advanced the story smoothly.

The story itself won't knock you out with a surprise ending, but if a viewer relaxes, the mystery is varied enough, and well told enough, to keep you watching. I've never seen a better written script on a project of this size. The cast and crew put forth a solid effort and Under Surveillance is worth the time it takes to watch it.

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